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In addition to a docx to doc conversion, our online tool can also convert your files into the following file types:

Microsoft Word (*.doc)
Microsoft Word 2007 (*.docx)
Microsoft Excel 2007 (*.xlsx)
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (*.pptx)
Portable Document Format (*.pdf)
Comma-Separated Values (*.csv)
HTML1 (*.html)
Macromedia Flash (*.swf)
MediaWiki wikitext (*.wiki)
Microsoft Excel (*.xls)
Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt)
OpenDocument Drawing (*.odg)
OpenDocument Presentation (*.odp)
OpenDocument Spreadsheet (*.ods)
OpenDocument Text (*.odt) 1.0 Presentation        1.0 Spreadsheet (*.sxc) 1.0 Text (*.sxw)
Plain Text (*.txt)
Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg)
Tab-Separated Values (*.tsv)
WordPerfect (*.wpd)

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