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Are you among the many users who prefer a version of Microsoft Word made prior to 2007?  For many, Word 2003 is still considered the best version of the program to date.  Yet for 03 users and for people who are not running MSWord or Office at all, opening .DocX files is seemingly impossible.  Thankfully, DocX Converter offers users the ability to strip these files into an html file so that they can view, edit, and use the contents as needed.

Converting .DocX files is sometimes a necessity.  When you receive important emails from a boss or professor or have paperwork submitted to you in this format, making sure that you can read and use it is critical.  Thankfully, DocX Converter takes away the need to pay for a copy of Office 2007 or later just so that you can read a single file.  Whether you rarely use Word documents or simply prefer the simpler and more efficient style of Word 2003, thanks to this fantastic software, an upgrade is no longer mandatory in order to use your files.  Take the time to utilize this free .DocX tool online or download the full version for free in order to convert documents even when you aren’t connected to the web!

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