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Are you trying to open or read files, only to find that you have a .DocX file that none of your word processing programs will open?  While popular software such as Open Office is great for older MSWord documents, you will find that the documents created by Office 2007 and later, labeled as .DocX, are incompatible with these programs.  Thankfully, there is Microsoft Word converter software available free to you online.

With an Office 2007 converter, you can easily turn your .DocX files into plain html files so that you can read, review, and edit them.  While this does change some formatting, you will find that it leaves things such as bold print and other commonly used formatting techniques intact.  DocX Converter is incredibly simple to use, and you can simply attach the file to the online version of the program and utilize the convert option.  You can also download the full version for free from the website, ensuring that you always have access to the tools you need to convert a .DocX quickly and conveniently!  Making sure that you always have access to important files is critical, and DocX Converter makes sure that a .DocX never stands in the way of what you need.

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